Monday, November 26, 2007

Microsoft To Get Seven Extra Armies Per Turn

In a move that has alarmed the North American Federation, the European Union and the Co-Prosperity League of the Southern Hemisphere, Microsoft today announced that they have established a base of operations in Irkutsk. This development has world leaders troubled as the Redmond giant now needs only conquer Ural and Yakutsk to have complete control of Asia and a commanding seven additional armies per turn. Representatives met late last night in an emergency session to discuss what is seen as an imminent threat to world stability. Jude Finisterra, a representative of the European Union allayed the fears of many when he revealed that Europe holds a wild card and plans on mobilizing its considerable resources early in the next fiscal year to ensure that the software giant's hold on Asia is not complete:
"We figure we'll slip in and take Afghanistan right before Microsoft announces earnings and their whole land-grab in Asia will only garner a pittance - besides now they have a soft underbelly in China that leaves them vulnerable to incursion from the People's Republican Army of New Guinea"
Representatives from PRANG would not comment on any plans for taking advantage of this perceived weakness instead insisting that they "prefer to sit back and let everyone else kill each other".

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