Monday, January 7, 2008

The Bender Brewer Project

I've been getting really into Futurama lately so I was excited to see that someone made a life-size beer-brewing Bender. Not only does it really brew beer but it is wired so that it can deliver classic Bender lines. With the touch of a remote control Bender will recite such classic lines as: "Bite my shiny metal ass", "I guess if you want children beaten you have to do it yourself" and my favorite, "Ah, beer, so many choices, and it makes so little difference".

The audio is actually handled with a 6502 processor - an Apple II era chip that the show mentions Bender runs on (this is one of the more obscure geek jokes that Futurama is chock full of). To say that this robot is faithful to the spirit of the show is a major understatement. I wonder how good the Benderbrau turned out to be?

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Ryan said...

This is awesome :) how do u even find this stuff